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Co-Production of services across North Cumbria is the way forward

People First Independent Advocacy, Triple A, Cumbria County Council and North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group, hosted a milestone workshop at their Milbourne Street Conference Centre on Friday 05th October.

The workshop saw over 50 people with learning difficulties and/or, autism, family members, carers and professionals gather together to devise plans for the co-production of services to make sure that parents, carers and the people who need to access services get the best care and support possible.

Co-production is about enabling people and families working together with health and social care professionals as part of the decision making process. The process allows everyone involved to learn new skills, builder stronger more cohesive relationships and to develop meaningful networks that ensure change really happens for those in our communities with health and social care needs.

This Carlisle workshop saw participants thinking about how they can work well together to build strong relationships and better support services.

Commissioners and providers don’t have all the answers, which is why they are keen to harness the energy, ideas and enthusiasm of local communities to help tackle the issues that are challenging services.

Services are more effective when the voices of those that use and interact with them are heard, and even more so when they are involved in helping to shape the delivery of health and social care services for the future.

With that firmly in mind each of the key decisions makers present at the workshop made a pledge based on actions identified during the session to deliver real change for service users across health, social care, education and general service delivery.

David Blacklock, Chief Executive of People First, said:

‘‘Co-production is a step change in how health and social care services are delivered, it is about working together to learn what works well so that we can improve and ultimately make people’s lives better. This platform helps services providers to constantly review their progress, set priorities for improving and above all else every participant feels valued and recognised for their contribution in improving services for the whole community.’’

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