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Why Support Us?

People First are a not-for-Profit organisation meaning that all profits and surplus are re-invested into our projects for the benefit of the local community.

Although we receive some funding from our statutory advocacy contracts and commissioned projects, not all elements of our work and projects are specifically funded; meaning that we rely on the generosity of the public and the local community to help support and fund some of our non commissioned projects.

A key part of People First’s work is focused on improving the quality of life for those with learning difficulties. People First is an organisation that is passionate about supporting people to be included and involved in decision making about their own lives, and the designing and shaping of services, policy and commissioning.

As a result of our extensive advocacy work, we are aware that the lives of those with learning difficulties are still a long way from being the same as others.

Your donations will allow us to continue to empower and enable those with learning difficulties to have a productive life, a life with love, a healthy life, an informed life, a connected life, and a family life.

People First Independent Advocacy supports thousands of customers in Cumbria per year and has been doing so for over 27 years.. and YOU can help us to continue to make a difference to the Cumbrian Community for many years to come! 




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