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I love life and believe people shouldn’t have to change to fit into society but society should change to fit people!
I live by my father’s motto ‘It’s nice to be nice!’ and in my spare time I can be found running for cake.

I first joined the People First team in April 2008 as a Women’s Advocate for the Cumbria Women First project which empowered women with the label of a learning difficulty to build confidence, develop speaking up skills and learn about their rights and choices. In October 2010, I moved to the Independent Advocacy team and am now responsible for managing People First’s advocacy offer which currently includes Best Life Independent Advocacy, Best Life Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy and Best Life NHS Complaints Advocacy.

Over my time at People First I have worked alongside many different people with many different issues ranging from safeguarding to housing, hate crime to accessing mental health services, complaints to family relationships.

Advocacy is a vital tool, the most powerful form being self-advocacy, and I see part of my role raising awareness to help people understand what advocacy is and how it can be of benefit.

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Role: Advocacy Operations Manager
Area: Cumbria

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