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Hospitality and Best Life Programmes

At People First we are excited to provide two new learning opportunities in the form of our Best Life Programme and our Hospitality Academy.

The Best Life Programme

A non traditional day opportunity to help you “Live Your Best Life”

This educational programme is offered to anyone over 18 with an emphasis on the transition to a productive and connected life and leads to a Certificate in Independent Living.  It is based on the inclusive values of People First.  The course is run by a dedicated tutor and job coach and can be accessed throughout the year.

For more information or to arrange a visit to learn more about the programme phone the course tutor 01228 550696

See more information on the Best Life Programme here:

Best Life Programme

The Hospitality Academy and Hospitality Programme

The hospitality academy is based in the conference centre at People First in Carlisle.  It offers a learning programme offering a wide range of activities involved in the hotel and hospitality trade.  The course combines a hands on practical approach in the Riverside Bistro along with supported learning from the tutor and job coach.  The course is two days per week and runs from one to two years.

For more information on the Hospitality Programme get in touch with Conference Centre Manager Luke Watts on 01228 550696

Hospitality Programme


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